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  • Heather R. Wilson Strobel

Estate Planning Matters During COVID-19 and Beyond

We, as a people, are experiencing something currently, that although hypothesized in the past, is now a reality for us all. I hear many of my colleagues refer to George Orwell’s “1984”, and a sincere concern that the world as we once knew it, will never return. What tragedy to see and comprehend.

Many clients have contacted me during these past few weeks, in fear and agony, to make sure their affairs are in order should something happen to them. I know we are all feeling this pressure, which, for many, is forcing us to take a look at life in a way that we generally attempt to avoid.

This is a very good time to make sure your estate plans are in order and complete. Period. Despite continuing to hold an optimistic viewpoint, I do suggest that everyone take this isolation time to review your assets, your wishes for times of emergency or crisis, and what you ultimately want should death occur.

We are being told via the medical community and our political leaders that the COVID-19 virus will most likely have another outbreak in the near future. It is important to take this information with true caution, and organize your affairs in such a way that it creates less burden on your family members, and gives you peace of mind during such unpredictable times.

If you are a North Carolina resident, our firm can communicate with you via secure internet, email and phone regarding your estate planning wishes. I recommend the following legal documents be addressed and completed:

1. Last Will & Testament

2. Power of Attorney

3. Healthcare Power of Attorney – which we have added a section to address your desires concerning COVID-19 and any other communicable, pandemic virus.

For those of you who feel a Trust would be an important part of your portfolio, we can discuss the various options that are available regarding such instrument.

We offer discounted estate plan packages, making these legal documents affordable during our trying times.

I would also suggest, for those of you who are owners of small businesses, that you also review your business legal documents for proper organization and allocation. It’s important that your Operating Agreement or Bylaws reflect what will happen should an owner die - concerning the running of the business, as well as to whom said ownership interest will pass.

Our firm is well versed in all these areas.

Logistically, we can do most of our communication, as said before, via email and phone. Many of these documents need to be notarized. Our firm is offering in-home visits to accomplish this requirement, or you can visit your local bank for notarization.

Please know, our hearts go out to all of you. It isn’t easy to be forced so unexpectedly into such a drastic and dire situation. It isn’t natural. But we, as a people, as a nation, are resilient human beings. We have weathered many difficult storms, as a collective, and I have no doubt that we will maneuver through this one successfully as well. Yes, there will be disappointment, heartbreak, sadness, and grief. Such parts of the human experience cannot be avoided. Yet, in the face of these challenges, I do find that the human spirit is empowered now, and learning deeply about life, love, and the well-being of our humanness.

From our Blue Mountain Law family, to you and yours – we wish you safe travels on this journey we call life.

Here’s to our best,

Heather R. Wilson Strobel, Esq.

Blue Mountain Law, PLLC



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